Pantographs, polishing and painting machines, tenoning and punching machines: for the management of the different woodworking stages, the OSAI product family is a natural choice. Thanks to their completeness and scalability, OSAI solutions ensure High Speed Machining in pantograph applications, which translates into maximum performance and flexibility.


In moulding applications, OSAI numerical controls provide the very best. The quality of the results and the performance is guaranteed by the use of High Speed Machining algorithms. Not just speed. In plastic working machines, typically with 5 axes, it is extremely important to be able to acquire the profile of the work-piece using self-learning techniques as well as the ability to optimise and store the acquired profile, to produce and refine the finished products.



Flexible and with a high level of integration, sophisticated and yet simple: looking through Prima Electro’s OSAI applications, you will see the future of numerical control in glass working. Cutting benches, chamfering machines, perforating machines, etching machines, grinders and two axes machines: for OSAI numerical controls, these are perfectly suited applications.


The most complex and heaviest stone working processes become efficient and light when they can rely on the dedicated applications of the OSAI range. Also in this sector, Prima Electro’s numerical controls can be leveraged to build efficiency on solid foundations.


OSAI has been pioneering the CNC technology in metalworking since its origins. OSAI numerical controls have been designed for high speed machining, while maintaining the best accuracy. OSAI products are an excellent solution for milling machines, lathes, grinders, and hybrid machines such as laser cutting and welding as well as sheet metal bending and punching machines.