Retrofit Products

With 1,000 CP Series lasers installed in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, you can immediately upgrade your laser cutting, drilling or welding system with confidence and begin to realize the benefits of this modern fast axial flow, DC excited CO2 laser.


  1. Higher cutting rates for current applications.
  2. Capacity for cutting and welding thicker metals and non-metals.
  3. Serviceability – these lasers, which are currently in production, use the latest technology.
  4. Compact package preserves valuable floor space.
  5. Greater electrical efficiency means lower energy costs.
  6. Lower maintenance costs.


The higher average power provides capacity for achieving higher cutting speeds, which for some materials and thicknesses are more than double the speed.  The higher power also provides capacity for cutting greater thicknesses of metals and non-metals and welding thicker sections.


The CP SERIES lasers feature long-term reliability and process parameter stability with low operating costs, simple operation and the backup of unparalleled customer service. The design of the laser takes into account the varying conditions that the laser will likely encounter with installations worldwide.


The sophisticated industrial design of the CP SERIES allows for fast and easy maintenance and service when required. A well-trained service organization backed by factory technicians is available to support the laser users in order to optimize their productivity.  Service is available locally throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.  CONVERGENT LASERS also offers training courses for customers who are interested in maintaining their own equipment.


  • Beam quality designed for optimum laser processing M2 = 2.0 – 2.2 typical
  • Long optics life resulting from an optimized gas flow design
  • Solid-state power supply for highly efficient DC excitation
  • PLC-based control with comprehensive built-in diagnostics
  • Powerful interface options to remote controls
  • Reliable, low maintenance operation
  • Low operating costs (gases and electricity)
  • Single side service access
  • Small footprint, less than 90 cubic feet volume