A company’s vocation and vision are written at the dawn of its history.

This heritage and the evolutionary process defines the core values adopted by a company in its endeavor to achieve its goals. Prima Electro was established in 1978 as a subsidiary of Prima Progetti, a company specializing in industrial automation design focusing strongly on the integration of mechanics, electronics and software.

With the subsequent transformation of Prima Progetti into Prima Industrie and its gradual positioning among the world leaders of power laser and sheet metal working machinery, Prima Electro also started to grow. It increased its own design capacity and became increasingly independent in the strategic selection of its clients. Gradually, it developed its own identity and consolidated it by conquering new markets and making some important external acquisitions. In the first months of 2007 it completed the acquisition of MLTA, a company specialized in power electronics and applications in the transport sector. In July 2007 it acquired 100%ownership of OSAI, a longstanding CNC brand and market leader for applications in wood, glass and stone.

Nowadays, Prima Electro boasts a wide and diversified portfolio of prestigious clients. The ownership of OSAI has enabled the company to gain the leadership in CNC production in Italy, while the acquisition of Convergent Lasers makes Prima Electro one of the key players in the industrial laser market, with over 4,000 installations being operated worldwide.

The corporate relationship with the Prima Group represent less than 15% of turnover, but it is this original bond that has defined the core values of a company which is able to combine versatility and specialization, flexibility and efficiency, rapid solutions and a long-term vision. It is this original commitment to serving the group leader that has shaped and honed the spirit of a company and nurtured a view of total partnership. Prima Electro is 100% owned by Prima Industrie, a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the STAR segment of technological securities.