Make or buy?

Custom Electronics or COTS Electronics?

Make custom-built systems or adopt a ready-to-use standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) solution?

These are crucial questions for key players in the embedded systems market: questions entailing some key strategic choices in the investment allocation and technological requirements, in the use of resources, in cost parameters,  in the life cycle and product development. The answer determines the company positioning and its successful potential in a competitive market, often posing challenges difficult to measure up with: high level of industrialisation and integration, development capability and contained unit costs, customised solutions and time-to-market.

CUSTOM Electronics

  • Design costs borne by the client
  • Low product unit cost
  • Long Time-To-Market
  • Medium/high volumes
  • Specialized features
  • Optimized integration
  • Product development borne by the client
  • Long-term contract support

COTS Electronics

  • Design costs borne by the manufacturer
  • High product unit cost
  • Fast Time-To-Market
  • Low volumes
  • Standard market features
  • Non-optimal integration
  • Product evolution imposed by the manufacturer
  • Uncertain long-term support

Success comes from the right answer: DOTS (Dedicated Off The Shelf®)

A wide range of applications is unable to find a satisfactory answer in either of the two traditional electronics models, which also represent two different business models. There are companies that operate in a borderline market dimension. There is a whole new way of doing electronics. It is a system of technologically advanced solutions, designed and tailored to clients’ specifications and applications, but with the same level of industrialization as any standard commercial product. It is a business model that combines the ability to offer dedicated solutions with a fast time-to-market and competitive costs. It is a whole new side to electronics. It is DOTS electronics, Dedicated Off-The-Shelf ®. Prima Electro is a leader and pioneer in this market. DOTS electronics is a market area where Prima Electro has been operating for long time, capitalizing on the advantages of custom and COTS models without changing their critical aspects. It designs and produces solutions dedicated to specific applications, in compliance with the standards and lead times required by the different markets. It’s a partner with a high industrialisation potential, capable of offering technologically sophisticated and reliable products, yet at a competitive unit cost. In the embedded systems market, DOTS electronics is the perfect solution for specific applications with medium to medium-high production volumes.

DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF YOUR DOTS CHOICE! • Research and development costs are shared with other projects and productions, therefore the time-to-market is cut down.
• Projects are conceived and developed through manufacturing and testing stages: lower costs with the highest quality.
• Meet the clients requirements and comply with the strictest international regulations.
• DOTS frees your best resources allowing you to invest them in your company’s core business and ensures product differentiation compared to the competitors.