Universal – Power one DC power supplies

Prima Electro is a leading global manufacturer of power conversion and power management solutions for transports, railway, marine and industrial fields; we provide highly efficient, high density and highly reliable universal power dc supply designed for broaded applications.

With a long history of providing leading-edge, innovative and reliable power technology, Prima Electro offers power one dc power supplies with extremely robust electrical and mechanical designs and consistent power to a diverse array of railway, communications, energetic, transportation and industrial infrastructures.


Low noise amplifiers, signal processing, data acquisition, sensors and automatic test equipment or circuits are only a few part of the wide range of solutions offered by Prima Electro engineering skills. Our universal and power one DC power supply ensure flexibility for adapting standard products to individual customer needs:

  • mechanical and electrical adaptations giving customers a one-stop-shop solution;
  • PCB integration: filtering, protection, boostering;
  • solutions from field application engineers and application laboratories;
  • optimized application centers for fast, flexible customized and system integrated solutions;


Our product lines and power suplly solutions have been widely used in mobile battery-operated applications providing the customer with industry-leading technology, efficiency, power density and reliability.


Are you searching for universal or power one DC supplies?

We can set out a custom solution based on your needs and provide you a detailed quotation: contact us for information and any request.

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