Prima Electro

About Us

More than 40 years of success

Prima Electro was established in 1978 as a subsidiary of Prima Progetti, a company specializing in industrial automation design with a  strong focus on the integration of mechanics, electronics and software.

Prima Electro sets out to achieve the same purpose: to manufacture electronics for a pioneer in mechatronics. With the subsequent transformation of Prima Progetti into Prima Industrie and its gradual positioning among the world leaders of power laser and sheet metal working machinery, Prima Electro also started to grow.

It increased its own design capacity and became increasingly independent in the strategic selection of its clients.

Gradually, it developed its own identity and consolidated it by conquering new markets and making some important external acquisitions. In the first months of 2007 it completed the acquisition of MLTA, a company specialized in power electronics and applications in the transport sector.

In July 2007 it acquired 100% ownership of OSAI, a longstanding CNC brand and market leader for applications in wood, glass and stone. End of 2019, CNC business spin-off took place establishing a new company, OSAIcnc Srl, where Prima Electro holds a minority stake.

Group: Prima Electro is 100% owned by Prima Industrie SpA, a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the STAR segment.

Subsidiaries: Convergent Photonics (Chicopee, USA), Prima Electro Suzhou Co. Ltd (Suzhou, PRC)

Markets: Industrial Automation, GMC, Optoelectronics, Transportation, Energy, Motion Control, CNC, Industrial and medical laser sources


1978 Established

2006  Participation in Electro Power Systems

2007  Acquisition of OSAI
Acquisition of MLTA and merger into Prima Electro

2009  Merger of OSAI into Prima Electro

2010  Establishment of Caretek
Acquisition of Convergent Lasers
Establishment of Prima Electro China Co. LTD

2011   Establishment of Prima Electro North America, following the merger of Convergent Lasers and OSAI-USA

2015   Opening of Prima Electro DieFab

2019 CNC business spin-off, establishment of OSAIcnc Srl

Mission & Vision

Flexible, geared towards designing and producing solutions in an efficient manner.  .

Nimble, because solutions have to be rapid: in the different reference markets, Prima Electro offers to its customers research, design, development and production of products that can satisfy different application requirements.

Passionate, because Prima Electro has integrity, will and enthusiasm, knowing how invest them to grow alongside its Customers and Partners, in products update and in a long-term support.

Innovative, because Prima Electro technology and know-how, together with its excellence in mechatronics and hardware/software design, are determinant to transform customers’ ideas in concrete-effective solutions.

In all the global markets where Prima Electro operates, the aim is to guarantee our customers a continuous improvement in operations and management, in order to allow them to reach higher levels of productivity and profit.

Core values

Technology & innovation

Advanced technology is fascinating, and we are proud of how users can benefit from it. Solutions advance through innovations, which we are committed to continue creating.

Passion & dedication

Our customers put their heart into their work, and so do we in ours. This means working with passion. We are convinced that only with enthusiasm and commitment the best results are achieved.

Dialogue & solution

We listen and we speak. We analyze requirements and meet them with solutions that benefit our customers most. For this we use our range of products and services, which is the widest in the field.

Social & environmental responsibility

We believe in long term, responsible, fair and transparent relations with our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the community. This means good business for us. As part of this commitment, we provide solutions combining productivity with sustainability – Green Means for fabrication.