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What the DOTS!

Electronics division of Prima Industrie Group, Prima Electro is an Italian contract electronics manufacturer that designs and engineers customers’ ideas thanks to a 360° technological service for different application markets. DOTS (Dedicated-Off-The-Shelf) business model accompanies clients along all steps of project development, offering integrated design, engineering and production.
Among the top players in the embedded electronics market, having an important know-how in industrial automation, transportation and energy sectors, Prima Electro aims to offer “custom” power and control solutions, having the same industrialization level of any commercial product with a fast time-to-market and effective after-sales service.
Prima Electro is a company that grows alongside its customers, building a win-win lasting relationship and a strong production synergy. The success of this philosophy is shown by the wide and diverse customer portfolio, which includes also international brands, each one a leader in its reference sector.
Proven experience, advanced research and technological solutions inspired by the different application markets: cross-fertilization is key in making Prima Electro one of the most reliable producers of embedded electronics in the global market.


In the process control, industrial automation and robotics, Prima Electro comes up with solutions based on flexible open systems capable of supporting the different hardware platforms required by each specific application.


Thanks to the long experience acquired over years of working with top players in the market, Prima Electro can satisfy the most demanding technical and qualitative standards, offering an engineering design service starting from project concept up to commissioning.


Reliability is the starting point of all projects dedicated to mobility and transportation. For this market, Prima Electro can develop high tech targeted solutions.


Technologies for production and distribution of energy are evolving and undergoing continuous transformations. Prima Electro know-how in design and engineer can increase efficiency levels with a reduced environmental impact complying with the strictest international regulations currently in force