Prima Electro

Quality & Production

Thanks to its design and production philosophy, Prima Electro guarantees high quality products, complying with the strictest international regulations.

Quality Oriented

Prima Electro pursues to offer the best quality products to its customers, complying with the highest standards on the market. Each phase of the production cycle aims to guarantee a successful outcome:

  • Detailed calculation of timing after try-storming simulation on functional prototype assembly
  • Testing strategy definition with fully automated 100% tests both for boards and VSD final assembly
  • Introduced production boards and KPI daily management
  • Continue training program for all key personnel focusing on:
    • New procedures/work instructions
    • Quality and KPI
  • PE suppliers are kept under control by monitoring specific indicators according to the type of supplied product/service. Strategic suppliers are audited by the Quality Department according to a defined plan.
  • Data of the various processes is collected through the company information system. Data is used to control all the process indicators and information relevant to each test result is historically recorded for each module manufactured.

Quality System

Prima Electro QSM is ISO9001:2015 compliant and oriented to the preventive care and continuous improvement.
The Quality Manual describes the policy and the strategy through which the various processes of product conception and implementation are started and carried on.
Procedures and work instructions are used to implement the company quality policy in order to achieve the complete customer satisfaction and to supply products and services according to regulations.
Workgroups of qualified personnel belonging to Quality, Production, Design and Purchasing Departments, are active on all the product lines. In case of specific needs the Sales Department is involved in the workgroups.