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Prima Electro

Highly strategic technological partner, for more than 40 years now, Prima Electro has been active in the embedded electronics market. Prima Electro designs, engineers and produces solutions upon custom specifications, translating customers’ ideas in “turnkey” finished products for different application markets.



Since the early Sixties, Convergent Photonics has been an active player in the high power laser sources market, being a reference for all industries working with Fiber, Hybrid, CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers.


Application sectors

Prima Electro, electronic division of Prima Industrie Group, designs and produces industrial electronics and high power laser sources for different markets, offering both “ready-to-use” solutions and embedded custom projects.

In the process control, industrial automation, robotics, laser and sheet metal working sectors, Prima Electro comes up with solutions based on open systems in terms of analogue and digital interfaces, fieldbus and architectures capable of supporting the different hardware platforms required by each specific application.

Wood, glass, stone, metalworking and special applications. OSAI numerical controls guarantee high precision and flexibility, managing up to 64 axes and 24 processes, to improve cost management and product customization.

In additive manufacturing, as well as for standard machining (cutting, welding, drilling and brazing), Convergent Photonics laser sources are the perfect match of power, speed and precision.

The technologies for energy production and distribution are evolving and undergoing continuous transformation. Prima Electro designed technology can increase efficiency levels and adhere to the environmental regulations currently in force, with extremely flexible and environmentally friendly solutions.

Reliability is the starting point of all projects dedicated to mobility and transportation. For this market, Prima Electro can develop high tech targeted solutions.

Years of activity


Years of activity


Plants worldwide


Plants worldwide
R&D centers in EMEA and USA


R&D centers in EMEA and USA
SEPT. 2020

Sept 22 – 25, 2020

Berlino - GERMANIA
NOV. 2019

Nov 11 – 14, 2019

Chicago - USA

Collegno – March 11, 2020 – As a global Group, after the first news of Coronavirus infections in China we started a series of preventive measures to ensure maximum safety for our employees, our customers and the entire community to which we belong. Our international experience has allowed us to understand immediately that in today's global society nothing can remain limited to a single country, and we immediately took the restrictions and containment measures very seriously, going in some cases even further and anticipating some indications.

A COVID-19 crisis table was set up immediately, which monitors the situation in real time and on an international basis, to respond promptly to any evolution, and takes a number of measures aimed to guarantee business continuity during the current outbreak.
Thanks to this business continuity strategy, currently, all of our offices and factories are open and operating; the Italian plants and HQs are not affected by the virus and are running at a normal capacity and the Chinese operations are progressively restarting.
Moreover, thanks to this approach, to date, we have not recorded any case of COVID-19 within our group and also the other companies in the group continue to be fully operational, in full compliance with the decrees on containment measures issued by each local government and with the WHO recommendations.

Even in this situation of global emergency, our commitment to always be close to our customers and our sense of responsibility towards them does not fail, rather it is strengthened. This means not only having the utmost attention to their health, but also ensuring the continuity of their business.

Our widespread international coverage represents a real strength in this situation. Despite current travel restrictions, we are in fact able to guarantee efficient field services through our local customer care organizations distributed widely in over 80 countries around the world.
Furthermore, when field interventions are not necessary, we provide a very wide range of remote assistance services, both phone and online, which have been tried and tested for years, which allow us to solve most of the technical issues without the need for physical presence.
The COVID-19 emergency is naturally impacting all fairs and events internationally. Many exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed. Even for us important dates were approaching when we would host, as usual, open houses and thematic events in our Headquarters and Tech Center in Collegno (TO). We decided to suspend these events in our HQTC until the situation normalizes. Obviously, we continue to receive customers in small groups in total compliance with everyone's safety and existing regulations and we hope to confirm the events in the other Tech Centers of the Group in Finland and USA.

Waiting to be able to return to shake hands without fear, we are organizing virtual and innovative formulas to continue to tell you about and show you our technologies, without losing the richness of the interaction and making you live the Prima Power experience, wherever you are, in total safety. Keep in touch, we will let you know soon what we are organizing for you.