Our R&D department designs complete electronic and automation systems for you, from electrical and thermal simulations for component dimensioning to the design of wiring diagrams, from board layouts to the electro-mechanical integration of the entire system, from firmware/hardware interface design to the development of kernel and application software, right up to the complete final client-specified solution. The one you want.

Design and Engineering activities at your service:

  • Consultancy in defining technical specifications
  • Electronic and electromechanical design
  • Electrical simulation of boards and thermal simulation of systems
  • Implementation of firmware and real-time deterministic software
  • Prototyping, testing and system validation
  • Environmental Compliance, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety Certifications
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certifications
  • Assembly stages industrialisation and development of end-of-line function testing tools


Electronics needs a sound foundation.

We create customised hardware and software to optimise price/performance ratio of the products you care about:

  • Digital and Analogue Electronics (local and remote I/O control units, SIL3 wireless portable terminals, domotic systems…)
  • Power Electronics (motor control, power supplies, DC-DC, AC-DC and DC-AC power conversion up to 450 kW and more)
  • Thermal simulation of components and definition of thermal system models (air or liquid cooling) using dedicated CAD 
  • Electromechanics design of complete systems using dedicated electrical and mechanical 3D CAD 
  • Design of electrical diagrams, layout and thermal simulation of PCBs using dedicated CAD
  • Modeling of plastic parts using 3D CAD for making molds

Firmware e Software

We are prepared to give you only the best in embedded electronics.

We design and develop the firmware and software your company needs to grow its business:

  • Development of firmware and the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Configuration and integration of real time kernels and market operating systems
  • Development and integration of the most popular communication protocols 
  • Real-time embedded software development for industrial applications

Motor Control Applications

Everything under control.

We develop advanced motor control algorithms for the most varied applications:

  • Sensored Motor Control (Field-Oriented Control -FOC- for brushless servo motors, Unified Direct-Flux Vector Control - UDFVC) 
  • Sensorless Motor Control (High Performance Speed Control for applications with a wide power range from 5 kW up to more than 450 kW)
  • Algorithms for self-identification of motor parameters and self-tuning, even with the rotor locked 
  • Unique algorithms for power module prognostics and smart power peak management

Industry 4.0 and IoT applications

  • Development of secure HW/FW/SW architectures (Trusted Platform) for protection against malware intrusion in IoT applications
  • Development of digital controllers for industrial device management
  • Development of digital controllers for process data management (Hedge Controllers)

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