Quality oriented 

Prima Electro's QSM complies with ISO9001:2015 standards and focuses on constant improvement and prevention.

Our Quality Manual describes the policy and strategy through which our various product design and implementation projects begin and are developed.

Working procedures and instructions are geared to ensuring the company maintains its high quality level to achieve your complete satisfaction and provide you with products and services that are always in line with current regulations.


The aim of each stage of the production cycle is to obtain a winning product:

  • Precision timing calculation following trystorming simulation
  • Daily management of board production and KPIs
  • Definition of the test procedure with fully automated systems for board assembly and VSDs
  • Design and production of test benches in cooperation with yourselves, so as to test each specific system (vibrations, environmental factors, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), electrical safety)
  • CE/UKCA and UL/CSA compliance for all projects developed

We never lose track. 

The various processes are collected by the company's information system. The data are used to check all process indicators and, for each module produced, all important information to emerge from the tests is analysed and archived.  

Our traceability system is useful because it provides a clear understanding of the different steps in the production process that affect the quality of the finished electronic product

In addition, full traceability of critical electronic elements and the improved overview of timing, materials and resources make for optimised cycle times and increased production efficiency.

Traceability also makes it possible to have a record of all serial numbers of the components used in the production of the electronic system, making both predictive maintenance and standard repair/maintenance possible even after many years.

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