Production of electronic boards

  • SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology)
  • Automatic welding of PTH components with wave machines to reduce production time and ensure a consistent production result

The manual assembly of electronic boards is handled by experienced and highly trained staff spread over a number of assembly lines.

Assembly and testing

All boards produced are subjected to different levels of inspection, such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) and BGA inspection, for reliable verification that each component has been properly welded.

The production of an electronic board ends with testing to make sure it functions optimally by certifying its reliability. In our two plants, we offer different types of testing, right up to the construction of the test bench:

  • ICT, Flying Probe and functional testing on boards
  • Conformal Coating, to improve electrical insulation and protect the boards against the various environmental factors that could compromise their functionality.
  • Run-in/Burn-in and functional testing to verify the durability of the complete electronic system even under extreme environmental conditions, ensuring delivery of a highly reliable product

We support you post-production too.

In addition to complete production management, we offer the expertise of laboratories dedicated to prototyping, maintenance and repair of products up to 20 years old:

  • Prototyping/pre-production
  • Obsolescence management and product repair
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Technical documentation/manuals

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