The target of the project consists in the study and implementation of a new plant management paradigm based on high-capacity factory communication infrastructures, wireless infrastructures and, more generally, ICT architectures that allow the overcoming of limits (flexibility, management, configuration) of traditional production systems.



Development of an innovative power electronics platform that makes available "enabling technologies" (Wide Band Gap devices, Thermal model of power electronic components, Multilevel converters, Grid support, Cybersecurity) for the development of different applications.



Development of an integrated industrial process with low environmental impact, highly flexible and modular for sheet metal processing, with the aim of reducing costs and energy consumption, maximizing product quality.



As part of the "Industria 2015" projects, the goal is to create a numerical control system, equipped with highly innovative special and intelligent features, which can be used in the construction of machines and systems for various industrial applications.



Framework Automation Real-time Open Source - The objective of the Framework is a free and expandable integrated environment for both software and hardware that, in the mechatronics field, can cover the needs from rapid prototyping aimed at industrial experimentation.

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