The target of the project consists in the study and implementation of a new plant management paradigm based on high-capacity factory communication infrastructures, wireless infrastructures and, more generally, ICT architectures that allow the overcoming of limits (flexibility, management, configuration) of traditional production systems.

Laser technology

HVPS (High Voltage Power Supply)

Design, production and testing of a high voltage power supply family (higher than 30 kV) used for driving the discharge currents of high-power CO2 laser resonators.

Laser technology


Innovative strategies, sensing and process chains for increased Quality, re-configurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing OptolectrONICs. The target of the project is to develop a scalable zero defect manufacturing platform covering the overall process chain to achieve flexibility, zero-defect production, and sustainability.

Laser technology


The project aims to find innovative manufacturing solutions to increase the use of high-performance composite polymeric materials in an environmentally friendly manner, combining cost-effective, sustainable energy and environmental benefits.

Laser technology


Development of high-power laser diodes, 100 and 200 Watts, for use as an optical pumping unit for the active fiber in a high-power laser source for industrial applications.


Laser technology


Development, production and test of an integrated modular solution consisting of a physical production cell empowered by an innovative software infrastructure for the production of high value added optoelectronic components. This integrated solution is entitled white’R – white room based on Reconfigurable robotic island for optoelectronics.

Laser technology


The project, carried out by Prima Electro in collaboration with ChiLab (branch of the Politecnico di Torino based in Chivasso), developed the command and control electronics for the current driving of laser diodes purchased from third parties for optical pumping of a laser resonator prototype made with ytterbium-doped active fiber.



European project to test a "park and ride" installation in the city where users, typically from out of town, can park the electric car that will be recharged via "slow charge" columns and go to work using public transport. The installation also includes some "ultra fast charge" columns for those users who want to recharge the electric car during a short stop.



Funded project under the "Poli di Innovazione" Call with the aim of identifying, tracking and locating in real time things and / or people in limited indoor / outdoor environments, paving the way for the so-called "position-aware applications"




Design of an innovative embedded system, Real time of geographical and local localization with the aim of carrying out the control of vehicles transporting goods of extreme value and the automation of processes requiring ultra-precise identification of the position.

Laser technology


Energy Efficient Manufacturing System Management - The project aims to manage energy consumption in a more efficient way by creating an energy sustainability management framework collecting data from the factory to be used to predict energy trends using industrial processes, equipment and energy cost models, suggesting implementations useful to reach the energy consumption sustainability KPIs.

Laser technology


Development of a new generation of all-in-one machine integrating hybrid technologies to achieve throughput targets that compete against the high-volume scale manufacturing of high valued-added optoelectronics.


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